Window replacement (Part 2)

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Replacing the defective parts

When such a restoration is feasible, decides by the built-up material. A frame of wood must be more frequent maintenance than a plastic frame or aluminum. An exchange is only necessary if the frame no longer seals or becomes unsightly. So may necessitate the updating of the window to a faulty seal or glazing.

Window replacement

If glass is not correct, is not dense and if it keeps the heat no longer on the premises, or the system is damaged to close the window sash by frequent airing, also lends itself to replacement of the defective parts or the entire device.

Save energy – sustainability through windows exchange

When should you replace windows? Also saving energy and heating costs is an answer to this question. Old components have a rather low thermal insulation.

The Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) are in building of new homes, however, a certain heat transfer coefficients before. To save even in older homes energy and possibly be able to take to obtain development funds, should be given to renewing the old components.

Who it is worth to live very energy efficient, should consider the installation of modern windows.

Window costs

The window replacement costs vary. Again play again different conditions a role, such as material, size, shape and color. When material wooden windows are cheaper than wood and aluminum windows. The cheapest material is plastic. The choice of the frame depends on the buyer’s taste, because all modern and new window materials have the best heat and sound insulating properties.

All new profile materials thus contribute to energy conservation. Additional expenditure in the renewal may be caused by the choice of a specific color, visual embellishments in the glazing, sprouts or by special security measures.

Save money, you can, however during installation, where you can make them yourself. It should be noted that the joints are fitted tightly and air-permeable.


Modern windows are durable and keep weather, temperature fluctuations and external forces stood. In new windows you need initially to worry when to replace them;

But over the years increases often wear and insufficient density is the result. Even when buying offers high quality at reasonable prices.

Window replacement

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Window fulfill a very important function in the house. They are used for ventilation of rooms, as thermal insulation, as acoustic and windows security systems as well as a business card. The average lifetime of a window is about 48 years. They are thus a long-term investment that should be thought through accurate. Therefore, you should consider some points in a window replacement.

When should you replace windows

For windows there is no expiration date. If and when a window is to be replaced, thus depends on several factors.

In many old buildings there are still completely intact wooden windows with single or double glazing. However, through these windows you lose a lot of energy and therefore money. Almost a quarter of the space heat can be lost through poorly insulated windows. In such case, a window replacement would be extremely useful, as the cost of energy will increased in the long run and thus, despite new acquisition significantly long money can be saved.

But not only the energy efficiency of the window plays a significant role, but also other aspects. For this reason, you should evaluate when replacing a window of the following criteria:

  • The window must be airtight and windproof. A strong draft may not be noticeable.
  • It does not allow water into the interior during heavy rain.
  • The opening and closing mechanism should function without a problem.
  • When Frost is no condensation may form on the glass. In addition, the window should not start or be shod.
  • In the rooms no mold can form on the wall.
  • Too much noise does not penetrate from the outside in the room.
  • The surface of the window profile is not damaged.
  • The windows should have no single glazing.
  • Replacing the windows is recommended especially if several of the above are true.

Insulation, burglary protection or energy refurbishment

All this may be answers to the question: “When should I replace windows?” Also balcony doors, entrance doors, basement windows, skylights and doors in general should stand for the reasons mentioned at a rehabilitation also on the to-do list.

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